The  White Mountain Book Writing Retreat


Write & Publish Your Book     Nurture Yourself with Healthy Food & Daily Yoga!

July 10th-14th, 2022 


Franconia, New Hampshire


Free your creativity to make writing your book a dream come true.


Come join us in the majestic White Mountains to rebound and reawaken to new possibilities to move your life forward!


Writing, like many things, can be a lonely pastime. But if you can find the right support and find a great escape (from the endless duties and chores), you can make it easier, more productive, and joyful.


Here’s the opportunity: Stop dreaming and talking about being a published author and become one instead!



You Do Have a Book in You!


And no one else can write your story, share your message, or write your book. So, why haven’t  you written it yet? 

No time?  Crazy schedule? You don't know where to start or finish. Maybe you aren't even certain what you want to write about?


Come and let us help you solve that problem while also giving you the perfect opportunity to refresh, refocus and get ready for the next new you.

Well it's 2021. Why not make it unforgettable (in a good way!)


Last year, all of our lives changed and we had so much extra stress and distraction, making life even crazier than usual. Isn't now a perfect time to move your life forward and get your book written?


It's time to make your dreams come true.


The challenging year we all experienced makes your self-expression  more important than ever.

 I’m Dorothy Holtermann, founder and creator of The Birth a Book System.  



I have coached and mentored hundreds of authors and I understand how difficult it is to get started on your book and find the time'. That’s why I created this White Mountain Book Writing Retreat. And it's perfect to give you the time and space to re-evaluate, reflect and write. 


what Celmentina Esposito has to say:

"I can't recommend Dorothy's, Birth a Book retreat enough...It's is as if my book is already done! I am so grateful"

"I can't recommend Dorothy's, Birth a Book retreat enough. The holistic immersive experience allowed us to live into the person we want to be. Dorothy and her talented daughter Jessy, and the supportive group of people, created a tremendously supportive environment to write my book and helped me move past my fears. It's is as if my book is already done! I am so grateful."


Clementina Esposito,

Founder of the Clementina Collective


Write Your Book in the Perfect Place.


The White Mountains of New Hampshire are blessed with tiny  New England towns that are a perfect place to be in the summer. They're also magnificent during early fall with spectacular foliage. They are filled with friendly people and a handful of charming businesses. And, they're surrounded by mural-like White Mountain vistas, gorgeous rivers, and notable crisp fresh air. 

Bethlehem is a hip town with an independent movie theater, cool outdoor café, a community pool, a regional craft brewery, and a few small independent shops. Littleton, has a rushing river, cool writer's coffee shop and our river-side yoga studio.



Write Your Book Supported by Daily Expert Yoga 


Rose Goldblatt, CIYT 


Rose is certified  and a naturally gifted yoga teacher who teaches attention to alignment in a variety of levels of Iyengar Yoga, from gentle to advanced.  Her teaching is professional, yet soft. She is precise, yet fun. She offers challenge, yet compassion.

Rose’s love and dedication to yoga shines through in her teaching. Rose’s students often spend years studying Iyengar Yoga with her, finding sanctuary in the quiet calm that Rose creates in her classes.



Write Your Book in the Perfect Inn.


The Historic Mulburn Inn will be your home away from home. It is a mansion where Hollywood icons from the 40's used to go to hide out for honeymoons (and where the gorgeous gas stove that was gifted by Thomas Edison is still in use). We will eat/meet and some of us sleep in old world comfy private rooms. Our welcoming hostess, Mary, thinks of everything and even provides thoughtful modern touches like a Jacuzzi room! 


Write Your Book Fueled by Delicious Food &

 Delightful People.


We will eat farm-to-table organic food, including daily fresh green drinks. Meg, our private chef infuses every mouthful with love. We will enjoy yoga that will open you up, but not stress you out each morning. Then, sip on some tea and head into your Birth a Book class and workshops. You will be amazed at how much you accomplish in a short time. You’ll bond with your bright and warm new friends in class who will support your creative efforts as you delight in supporting theirs.  


 what Nicki has to say: 

"I am so much further ahead

on my book than I thought possible"

"The retreat is perfect for the writer that needs a comfortable, supportive environment to move his or her book forward. The focus on self-nurturing through delicious, healthy food and yoga provided the perfect backdrop for digging in and writing. Targeted instruction is both global and tailored to participants. The beautiful and idyllic setting is a delight for the senses. I highly recommend this retreat!"

Nicki Clausen-Grace,

Teacher and Children's Book Author

 what Linda has to say: 

"I got out of my head...and got instant feedback

that was real, grounded and helpful."

"This retreat was a remarkable and transformative experience. If you have ever dreamed of writing a book, Dorothy guides you through from thought to actionable authorship."


Linda Frisone Gamber,

Marketing Executive


Write Your Book with Inspirational, Experienced Coaches!

Dorothy Holtermann is on a mission to help people make their book writing dreams come true. As a nutrition expert, her impact and income skyrocketed when she became the published author of Love Food that Loves you Back. Inspired by her success, but sad by how long it took her to publish, she developed the Birth a Book System to make it easier for others. She has helped hundreds write their books and will coach your book out of you!


"Dorothy is an amazingly compassionate cheerleader who instills the confidence needed to birth our books! I went from overwhelmed to empowered and soon will be a published author!"


Beth Bolwerk, Copy Editor

Clementina Esposito, founder of Jessy Holtermann, actor, acting teacher and filmmaker from LA will offer workshops and coaching. She will show you how "if you believe it, they believe it! She will help you discover how to powerfully introduce yourself as an author and perform a book reading like a pro!


"Jessy's powerful (and hilarious!) workshops inspired me to 'own' becoming an author and learn how to introduce myself and perform a book reading."


Colleen Foley, Restaurant owner

This isn’t your typical writing retreat.




This writing retreat's sole aim isn't writing. This is a writing retreat that’s goal is to reach deep inside yourself and get you on your way to writing and publishing the book that is going to change lives, your career, and your income.


You are welcome to join even if you are confused, or even clueless about book writing. No matter what your reason is for wanting to write a book, or what level of clarity you have now, you will leave crystal clear and confident on your way to becoming a published author. 

This Retreat Is For You If...

  • You long to get your book writing project to the next step and learn what you need to know to get your book published. You could use a big dose of self-nurturing and a life adventure.

  • You enjoy hanging out with smart, loving, supportive people, creating and sharing big ideas.

  • You’ve just decided you want to write a book, been putting it off for years, need to rework a book you have already published, or you’re writing your 10th book. Great! This is a “welcome-all-authors” retreat!

  • You are a coach, wellness professional, teacher, or someone who wants to inspire others. You long to get your message out into the world.

  • You are ready to embrace more career 

    opportunities, more personal and financial 

    freedom. ​You are oh so ready to increase your 

    impact and your income.

  • You are ready to enjoy sharing what you know and feel proud about making your contribution to a better planet.

Dorothy is an inspiring coach ...without her coaching, her guidance and her inspiration, my book idea would just be an idea.


Stacey Hamblett

Personal chef

 I am finally writing my book! I would encourage anyone interested in writing that book enroll in a class now!


Colleen Foley

Restaurant Owner

 what Patricia has to say: 

"This retreat has been life-changing for me. It tied together so many loose ends that needed to be tied together."

"This retreat has been life-changing for me. It tied together so many loose ends that needed to be tied together. The relationships, sharing and curriculum was a catalyst to write our books. Everything just made all of us want to birth our baby, our book. The most important thing I learned was each of us has our own unique story, and that story is yours and it is unique."

Patricia Fullam

 what Chisa has to say: 

"If anyone is even just thinking about writing a book I highly recommend this retreat! I made lifelong friends."

"I came to this retreat to learn how to start my book and soon realized that writing it was also to further my own healing to empower me to inspire other women. If anyone is thinking about writing a book I highly recommend this retreat! I made lifelong friends. And Dorothy and "Oh my God" Jessy! The coaches were amazing. If you think you don't need a performance coach you do! This retreat brought a whole other dimension to writing my book."


Chisa Liu,

Founder of Seazen Soap,

Author of Self-Care & Humble Luxuries


What You Will Discover

  • Dorothy's step-by-step method to get your book written and professionally published.

  • How to avoid the common pitfalls most first-time authors succumb to due to inexperience.

  • How to discover your target audience and connect with people wanting or needing the message you wish to share.

  • How to best utilize your book to enhance your professional and personal credibility and help make you into an "author-ity" on the topics you know and love so well.

  • How to write better more compelling copy!

Our morning breakfasts and nightly dinners will be hosted at The Historic Mulburn Inn. All food will be local organic farm to table and will be delicious! Lunches will be on your own in Littleton. There are plenty of inside or outdoor delightful options!


And remember, Dorothy wrote the book, Love Food that Loves You Back, so she will ensure the food will be every bit as healthy as scrumptious.

We have also been invited to the Robert Frost Museum, one evening to attend candlelit poetry reading as part of the International Poetry Conference.


What Susan, Josie & Donna have to say:

Susan Gross

Chef, Author of Put Food to the Test: 

Eat to Thrive in College

So much is coming together for me! I have a presentation, book, and business I am putting together. It’s so great and fun and energizing and so ME.



Josie Cook

Author of 

A Successful Orphan 

Birth a Book Retreat was a miraculous experience. Dorothy Holtermann, the writing coach, was an excellent "mid-wife". I am finishing up my first book and have already started my second book!

Donna Sewall Davidge / Amrita

Owner Sewall House, 

Author of Balancing with Bunions

The course helped me move to the next level, which had taken years after writing and then organizing my 70,000 words! I greatly appreciate Dorothy’s knowledge, motivation and ideas for getting anyone there!


What Will You Actually Get Out of This Week?


  • You’ll feel happy and supported and feel joy! You will laugh out loud often.

  • You’ll feel less alone. Do you worry you will not fit in? That will not happen. We work in a big loving community where you will be embraced.

  • You’ll get to rest. To renew. To deeply recharge and reconnect to your strength and energy.

  • You’ll get fresh new perspective on your book and maybe your life.

  • You’ll disengage from habits of mind and body that don’t serve you.

  • And oh my, you’ll get the pleasure of being heard, appreciated and cared for. You will not have to lift a finger to cook, clean, or take care of anyone else. This sacred time out will be just for you!

  • ​You’ll get your book writing project moved forward to the next level and fully planned in all its steps from the magical to the mundane.

Registration Requirements


This book writing retreat is open to writers of all levels, from beginner to professional. It is perfect for nonfiction writers, however, a fiction writers have come and made enormous inroads. How do you know if you’re 'a writer'? Because you write and can tell stories. However, I only want you to come if you yearn to make a loving, creative commitment to yourself. 

 what Tammy has to say: 

"My experience was transformative...

Kudos to Dorothy and I'll be back."

"My experience was transformative. I came to just work on the mechanics of writing but it was so much more. The holistic experience, the making of friends and "letting loose" helped me discover the 'soft side' of writing. Kudos to Dorothy and I'll be back!"

Tammy Wetzel

 what Kim has to say: 

"Birth a Book course has been

amazing for me."

"Birth a Book course has been amazing for me. It allowed me to discover more about amazing people...and take the time to write my book with guidance from Dorothy while being nurtured."


Kim Koprowski

The White Mountain Retreat


  • 5 Nights Accommodations

    (excluding Tuition Only participants)

  • 5 nourishing banquet breakfasts

  • 5 farm-to-table plant based dinners

  • 5 book writing adventure classes

  • 5 yoga classes

  • 1 one-on-one coaching session with Dorothy

  • 2 performance coaching classes with Jessy

  • Daily writing classes to help you create more compelling content! Taught by Clementina, our in house writing professor!


Local Excursions/Live or virtual including the Robert Frost Museum​

Plenty of time to write

If you're ready to embrace more career opportunities, more personal and financial freedom...then join us.


If you're ready to enjoy sharing what you know and do, and feel proud about making your valuable contribution to improve the world...then join us.


If not now, when?

If not you, who?


Don't make 'someday' become the tragedy of 'never'.


Don't let your lifetime of experiences and wisdom be lost for posterity.



Your time is now.

Let me help you make it happen.

Elegant Mulburn Inn 



OR 2 payments of



3 rooms left!

TUITION ONLY (Find your own housing)



 (3 Spots Left)-Tuition Only-Must find my own sleeping accommodation



Cancellation Policy


All staff will be fully vaccinated, and we suggest you get vaccinated if possible. We will be following all State & CDC virus protocols in effect to keep participants as safe as possible.

Need to cancel after paying in full? The schedule has not changed, but in the event of a stay-at-home order (we doubt that will happen!)  or if you cannot come in person for any reason, you'll be transferred to the Online version option. Participants will have the option to have the price difference refunded or credited toward the next retreat!