what Nicki has to say: 

"I am so much further ahead

on my book than I thought possible"

"The retreat is perfect for the writer that needs a comfortable, supportive environment to move his or her book forward. The focus on self-nurturing through delicious, healthy food and yoga provided the perfect backdrop for digging in and writing. Targeted instruction is both global and tailored to participants. The beautiful and idyllic setting is a delight for the senses. I highly recommend this retreat!"

Nicki Clausen-Grace,

Teacher and Children's Book Author

 what Linda has to say: 

"I got out of my head...and got instant feedback

that was real, grounded and helpful."

"This retreat was a remarkable and transformative experience. If you have ever dreamed of writing a book, Dorothy guides you through from thought to actionable authorship."


Linda Frisone Gamber,

Marketing Executive


  • You enjoy hanging out with smart, loving, supportive people, creating and sharing big ideas.

  • You’ve just decided you want to write a book, been putting it off for years, need to rework a book you have already published, or you’re writing your 10th book. Great! This is a “welcome-all-authors” retreat!

  • You are a coach, wellness professional, teacher, or someone who wants to inspire others. You long to get your message out into the world.

  • Dorothy's step-by-step method to get your book written and professionally published.

  • How to avoid the common pitfalls most first-time authors succumb to due to inexperience.

  • How to discover your target audience and connect with people wanting or needing the message you wish to share.

  • How to best utilize your book to enhance your professional and personal credibility and help make you into an "author-ity" on the topics you know and love so well.

  • How to write better more compelling copy!

  • You’ll feel happy and supported and feel joy! You will laugh out loud often.

  • You’ll feel less alone. Do you worry you will not fit in? That will not happen. We work in a big loving community where you will be embraced.

  • You’ll get to rest. To renew. To deeply recharge and reconnect to your strength and energy.

  • You’ll get fresh new perspective on your book and maybe your life.

  • You’ll disengage from habits of mind and body that don’t serve you.

  • And oh my, you’ll get the pleasure of being heard, appreciated and cared for. You will not have to lift a finger to cook, clean, or take care of anyone else. This sacred time out will be just for you!

  • ​You’ll get your book writing project moved forward to the next level and fully planned in all its steps from the magical to the mundane.

  • 2 performance coaching classes with Jessy